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Project Four

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Project Four Rough Draft Workshop

Project Four Rough Draft Workshop.doc

Project Four Rubric.pdf

Project Four: Research Question and Proposal

400 points total

You will attempt to further answer your research question in this project by proposing a plan of work. You will design a hypothesis or thesis you wish to prove, and discuss your methods to go about proving it (either conducting a hands-on study or planning to mine for data). This proposal will prepare you to make feasible, well defined outlines for future projects.


Research Proposal Elements

The research proposal is very similar to the research article. It includes:

  • Background on Topic
  • Literature Review/Scholarship Review (should include 5-7 sources)
  • Research Question
  • Proposed Research Method
    • Definition of Key Terms
    • Materials/Tools (equipment, surveys...)
    • Method of Evaluation  
  • Hypothesis/Expectations
  • Concluding Remarks: arguing/demonstrating the IMPORTANCE of conducting this research (answering this research question). 
  • Bibliography should include 15 sources (from annotated bibliography) 


The research proposal should be 15 - 20 pages (including charts, graphs...). 

It should be a FORMAL research paper in your citation style. 

Project Four Resources

Introduction to Project Four 

Research Proposal Template


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