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Reflection Essay

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Reflection Essay Introduction

Reflection Essay Rough Draft Workshop


Reflective Essay on Portfolio

  • Rough draft workshop: 10 December 2012 (bring TWO copies of paper and POST rough draft to wiki).
  • Final draft: 14 December 2012 (at 10:30 am).         
    • Post to SafeAssign (on Blackboard) AND on roster page by 10:30 am.   

    •  Documents MUST be submitted as a WORD DOCUMENT (or a PDF) - they will be read online.  

    • Email to ed1911@wayne.edu  

Our final project will require a self evaluation of your progression throughout the semester. Students will review their four previous assignments and the compilation of these assignments in the final Research Proposal. Students will an argumentative paper that discusses and demonstrates their understanding and application of the four learning objectives of this course (listed in syllabus)



Portfolio and Reflective Argument Assignment

To pass this course, students must complete the final portfolio and reflective argument assignment required by the WSU Composition Program. This assignment is designed to prepare students to transfer knowledge and skills from Intermediate Writing to subsequent courses and other writing contexts.

Research in psychology and writing studies has shown that metacognition, or analysis of one’s own thinking processes, is key to helping people transfer knowledge and skills from the context where they were initially learned to future contexts. Therefore, the WSU Composition Program requires that Intermediate Writing courses include reflective assignments designed to promote metacognition.



Remember, the difference between an average/limited reflection and a highly effective, in-depth reflection revolves around an effective use of EVIDENCE from your own writing (i.e. if you say you've learned how to identify, describe, and analyze genres, cite a passage of YOUR WORK where you do ALL THREE THINGS, and then make a mini-argument about how well you do so, OR be honest about weaknesses and how you've LEARNED to do more since then). 

  • Use specific examples.
  • Analyze the examples you offer (and explain how that example demonstrates your mastery of a learning outcome).
  • Introduce your projects and the course in the introduction, so the reader already has the context for the argument you make about your progress in the class.
  • GIVE THE READER A THESIS  at the end of the introduction. SUM UP YOUR ACHIEVEMENT OF THE LEARNING OBJECTIVES IN A SINGLE SENTENCE (see the A example paper for a good reflection thesis).  


Reflection Essay Template and Examples


Reflective Paper Template 3010-010.docx - THIS HAS NOTES ABOUT OUR COURES SPECIFICALLY THAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER WHILE DRAFTING THIS PAPER (everything we discussed in class on Friday). 

reflective letter template.docx

How to assemble Reflective Argument + Portfolio.docx (use THIS model for your paper - it's very important to format this reflective essay properly). 

Reflect Essay Example.docx - A Paper

Reflective Letter - C example.docx - C Paper

Final Reflection for eng 3010.docx - F Paper


Be careful NOT to lift any material from these examples!! That is PLAGIARISM and will result in a failure of this assignment! 


scoring rubric draft 10.25.12.docx




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